The bulletin board with the awards we have received


ARIA DI CASA NOSTRA Folk group has been recognized as a group National Interest Group by  Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities

  • Awards “Padri del Folkore” 2021

Recognition received by the Italian Federation of Popular Traditions to President Armando Arturo Colella 2022.04.23-24

Locandina i Padri del Folklore, rassegna di muscia, canti popolari ed etnici

Riconoscimento i Padri del Folklore 2021 assegnato dalla Federazione Italiana Tradizioni Popolari al presidente di Aria di Casa Nostra Armando Arturo Colella
  • RADICI National Prize (first edition)

ARIA DI CASA NOSTRA Folk group has received RADICI National Prize (first edition) as recognition of the valid contribution given to having transmitted the genuine Ciociaria tradition of the city of Alatri_2019.05.10

Riconosimento di Radici a Aria di Casa Nostra

ARIA DI CASA NOSTRA Folk group has received the “Antiche Piagge Award” with this motivation:

Keeping alive the traditions of Alatri, participating in the most important international folk events, getting in 1976 the Europe Prize from the Toepfer Foundation in Hamburg as best group of art and popular traditions”

  • Honorary Member of the Cultural Circle “Il Pensiero”

2003 Awarded by the cultural circle of the Italian-Americans of St. Louis – Missouri – U.S.A., on the occasion of the participation in the World Fest in Branson


ARIA DI CASA NOSTRA Folk group has received EUROPE FOLK PRIZE, as best Group of art and popular traditions in 1976 conferred by the “A. TOEPFER“of Hamburg

Premio Europeo Conferito a Aria di Casa Nostra dalla Fondazione "A. TOEPFER" di Amburgo come miglior Gruppo di arte e tradizioni popolari