Our founder

Alatri 16 July 1914 – 04 October 2007

Teacher,  Painter and Scenographer.
In 1984, has  realized the backdrops for the stage set up in the Cathedral for the Holy Mass in occasion of the visit Pope John Paul II in Alatri,

He realized, one by one, the billboards placed at the main entrances of our city.


Honorary Inspector of Fine Arts since 1963.

Councilor for culture of the City of Alatri.

Provincial Councilor for Tourism

Councilor for the European Council of Folklore.

President of the Folk Groups.

Regional President for Ethnic folk groups. Gold medal for the activity carried out for Culture and Tourism in Ciociaria

He founded and coceived:

Aria group of Casa Nostra (1950) with whom he received the Europe Folk Prize from the A.Toepfer Foundation in Hamburg;

International Folk Festival (1960);

The Biennial of painting;

The Cultural Club “Amici di Alatri“;

The “Pro loco”;

The “Monti Pratelle Choir” and the Mountains songs exhibitions;

The “Tersicore” Dance School;

The “Palio delle Quattro porte”;

The National Film Festival reduced format with the “Bobina d’Oro” award.

He realized:

“Alatri, Archaeological testimony” TV movie;

He published “Vecchia Alatri”, “Accusi parlam ‘nua” (on the dialect of our city) and “Accusì canta la Ciociaria”.

He actively collaborated in the publication of the book “Storia dell’affresco in Alatri” by Augusto Donò.

He promoted two International Conferences on the Polygonal Walls,the construction of the swimming pool and the sports hall.

He involved many people in traditional excursions, almost real pilgrimages, at the “Madonna di Pratelle”.