• The group is available for parades and shows on the square.
  • Reception and animation at conferences and congresses
  • Events, weddings, birthdays.

The standard training consists of 20/25 persons: dancers and instrumentalists

  • The minimum training is 12/15 persons.
  • The orchestra consists of “organetto”, accordion, guitar, tambourine and “cutufu”.

For optimal performance, the group needs:

  • n° 6 microphones;
  • n ° 1 panoramic microphone and a spy box (monitor) in front of the stage;
  • minimum stage measurements: 8 x 6 meters

The “stage” show lasts about an hour, and is made up of typical Ciociaria dances and songs.

The ideal arrangement of the instrumentalists (front of the stage on the left) can be varied without any problem to satisfy organizational and technical needs.

The group is available to rent typical costumes and walk-on.