Theatrical performances, for “Aria di Casa Nostra”, have always been a vehicle for the diffusion of our ancient dialect.
From the first improvisations we have passed thanks to Flavio Fiorletta to the drafting of a real script.

Quel nostro mondo in fact, represents the culmination of improvisation, bringing back to life real moments of city life and country following a logical thread. The most recent realization,  a short rappresentation  from “I promessi Sposi” by A.Manzoni, dialectal re-reading of some steps , created by Giovanni Ricciotti and revisited and expanded in 2011 by Achille Gussati and Pierfrancesco Minnucci.

“This marriage does not have to be done”

reduction – re-elaboration in dialect ciociaro de: “I promessi Sposi” by A.Manzoni, always for a fundraising for the DA.MA Africa Association for Tanzania – 2011

Quel nostro mondo

by Flavio Fiorletta, excerpts from dialogues on the occasion of “Noi per voi” show _Pro Africa fundraising with DA.MA Africa Association 2010.